Our Town




June 21, 1985

The Concord Players
P0 Box 22
Concord, MA 01742
Attn: Betsy Connelly

Dear Ms. Connelly:

Thank you for your letter received today regarding your plans of production of OUR TOWN.

First of all, you are very lucky to get the rights to perform OUR TOWN. The show is presently restricted due to the up- coming musicalization. Since you ordered your scripts several months ago, and since we licensed production at that time, you are now all set and "legal."

However, we can not allow you to perform cuttings of OUR TOWN." Mr. Wilder has made specific demands on use of the material---no cuttings can be allowed what-so-ever.

It is a good idea, but we can not approve of such use of cutting material as contracted by Author and agent.

Cordially yours

John B. Welch