Mark MasonMark Mason

Mark is the new kid in town. He comes to Concord's stage by way of eastern Pennsylvania, most recently in Bucks County where he starred as the atheist Thomas Huxley in Crispin Whittell’s Darwin in Malibu, and before that at the Old Academy in Philadelphia, where he appeared as the wicked Salesman in Tennessee Williams’ The Rose Tattoo. Mark’s old stomping ground was northern New Jersey, where he co-starred as the rakish Scoop in the Wasserstein play The Heidi Chronicles and as Henry in The Annual Anchorage Writing Conference with the Players’ Guild of Leonia, just a scant five miles from the mighty GWB.

A radio broadcaster whose voice has been heard across the lower forty-eight states, Mark has been featured in several small television commercials and the occasional industrial, corporate vid or indie film. He bears the obligatory small scars from a long-ago turn at Shakespeare, as well as from a smattering of black-box work in the Big Apple. He does most of his own stunts.

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