Jon SaulJon Saul

Jon is elated to return to Concord Players, with his prior role as Tussaud/Executioner in The Scarlet Pimpernel. He is also delighted to work with Kirsten again as director--she always makes the production terrific fun. Favorite roles include Tussaud/Executioner (operator of the onstage guillotine), Sir Bailey Barre in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Utopia Limited (Sudbury Savoyards), and Jacey Squires in The Music Man (Savoyard Light Opera Company). Jon has been fortunate enough to work with a number of local groups, including Theatre III, TCAN and Fiddlehead Theater. His most recent role was as Sir Luce in Once Upon A Mattress. It’s a true pleasure for Jon to work with this cast and crew. Thanks as always to his wonderful family, and to the extended theater family that he has the great fortune to meet.

Concord Player Productions
2016 Amadeus Valet, Citizen