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August 2019                           Amanda Casale, Editor
DASH is a year-end awards program sponsored by EMACT as a way of recognizing outstanding performance and production values as displayed by its member groups during the course of the theater season. Twenty-one DASH consultants judged 123 productions that were submitted by 45 theater companies.
While The Concord Players are proud of every show, every cast, and every production team, we are pleased to have EMACT recognize these members with DASH Award nominations for the 2018-2019 season:  
  • Danielle Wehner (The Country House) for Best Supporting Actress in a Play
  • Madi Shaer (The Secret Garden) for Best Youth Actress in a Musical
  • Michael Chateauneuf (The Secret Garden) for Best Lead Actor in a Musical

The Annual DASH Gala will take place on Saturday, August 24 at Cary Hall in Lexington.  

Photo Credit: Kai Chao | Instagram: @kaichaoboston
Your favorite fairy tale princesses and special guests are returning to Concord Players on Saturday, December 7th, for two events: a musical fairy tale meet-and-greet in the afternoon, and an adults-only "Pixie Dust After Dark" cabaret at night.  Save-the-date now!
Join the Concord Players for the third annual Walden Street Sizzlin' Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, August 10th from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
More than 20 merchants along Walden and Main Streets here will bring their best-ever summer bargains to the streets with a festive, day-long event that combines retail excitement with a live band, street art, and refreshing food and drink.  Shoppers can expect exceptional deals on everything from antiques and accessories, to rugs and roasted nuts.
The northernmost block of Walden Street will be closed to vehicular traffic that day.  Concord Police will direct cars to alternate routes and to the Walden Street parking lot.
2019 participants include:  
Artisans Way Barrett Sotheby's International Realty 
Blue Dry Goods Callie & Fen 
Concord Cheese Shop Comina 
Concord Lamp & Shade Concord Players 
The Dotted I  Fiorella's
FootStock  French Lessons 
Graem Nut Roasters  Haute Coffee 
Irresistibles  Lacoste Gallery 
Lyn Evans  J. McLaughlin 
Montague Gallery  North Bridge Antiques 
Patina Green  Revolutionary Concord 
Sara Campbell  Thoreau-ly Antiques 
Walden Street Antiques  Winston Flowers 
Other highlights of the day:
  • Pottery demos
  • Tiki bar serving ice cold Polar "mocktails" and snacks
  • Live music by The Concord Players and Becky and the Swingin' Bards
The Sizzlin' Sidewalk Sale is organized annually by a handful of creative local merchants, spearheaded by The Cheese Shop, Thoreauly Antiques, and Comina. 
Handy with a hammer? Sharp with a saw? Perfect with paint? The Set Design and Build crew can use your help! We're starting the set construction this week for the fall musical Funny Girl and are looking for a few good people who are familiar with the workings of a shop to assist in building one of the more complex sets we've had in some time. Great group of people to work with, lots of fun and free food! Contact Allen Bantly (bantlyallen@gmail.com) for more info. 
"The goat was very well-behaved backstage, though." "Remember those pooping pigeons?" "We had to spike the coffin. It wouldn't stay still."
Comments like those aren't typically heard on the street. But they come as no surprise to anyone who has spent time creating theater. Live animals, special effects, and set pieces that migrate are ordinary fare for thespians and crew who, for the most part, manage not to lose their poise. At least not in front of the audience. Tantrums, anxiety attacks, frantic searches for missing props and similar dramas are reserved for the backstage show.
Concord Players is celebrating 100 years next season, and we're gathering memories from the people who create the enchantment we call theater. We're organizing small conversations that we call "centennial salons." They are in progress this summer and into the fall. We've already harvested some memorable moments.
Take for example the "shenanigans" that some of our members remember. During earlier years at 51, there was a loft near the front of the house. Theater people are nothing if not creative, so a few of them put it to good use. "We would be trying to shut down the building after rehearsal, but the young people were up to their shenanigans in the loft when the lights went out," player Bill Maxwell recalled.
It wasn't just in the loft either. Rumor has it the Munchkin Room was host to a bit of "hanky panky" on more than a few occasions. And why not? A big, dark room that is far away from the green room, has lots of hiding places, and a door that closes is clearly inviting an occasional indiscretion.
Why is it called the Munchkin Room you ask? Because when the Players staged a production of The Wizard of Oz all the children who played munchkins were corralled there to contain their boundless energy.
Another story involves a director who fainted right near the end of Act I of a comedy being staged by the Players. Performers onstage heard a loud thump from the house and a murmur from the audience. Then, a tremulous voice from the dark: "is there a doctor in the house?"
It happened that one of the doctors in the house was performing onstage at that particular moment, and he was deeply conflicted. Phrases like "I will according to my ability help the sick" and "primum non nocere" were invading his thoughts and interfering with his dialogue. Should he honor his vow to Hippocrates or heed the call of Thespis? The house lights were still dark. The other actors were delivering their lines. But someone had called for a doctor. HE was a doctor! The fourth wall was right there, daring him to break through. But, but, "the show must go on," right?
In just a few seconds he decided. But just as began to lunge into the house to bring his healing hands to the crisis, another doctor (and a few nurses) rose to attend to the director who, happily, just needed a little air.
So much drama in 100 years. Are you curious about that goat? And what about those pooping pigeons? Well watch this space because we'll be sharing more stories with you over the next several months. Some are funny, some are scary, some are poignant, all are worthy of repeating over and over again.
Do you have a story to tell? If you do, contact Tracy Wall at tracy.wall65@gmail.com.
Membership Payments Now Available Online: We are inaugurating an online system of membership payments this year! If you have received your membership renewal and haven't mailed it in yet, you can now do it online (no service fee)! Go to the Concord Players website, select Membership from the menu, and click on the indicated link. That will take you directly to the online page. (If you're not a member, now's the time to join! You can use the same link!) If you have any questions, please email membership@concordplayers.org. 

Legally Blonde: the MusicalConcord Players members Amanda Casale and Joshua Telepman have been cast as Elle Woods and Dewey/Elle's Dad/ Ensemble, respectively, in the Footlight Club's November 2019 production of Legally Blonde: the Musical!  Get your tickets now on the Footlight Club website.
Silent SkyConcord Players members Grace Sumner and Nick Miller have been cast in Quannapowitt Players' A Silent Sky, directed by Nancy Curran Willis with costume design by Kathy Booth.  Performances begin September 27th.
There are no August 2019 events at 51 Walden.