The Concord Journal Thur, October 15, 1987

Concord Players present
‘Madwoman of Chaillot’

By Claiborne Dawes  

To open their 1987-88 season, the Concord Players will present Jean Giradoux’s comic fantasy “The Madwoman of Chaillot” beginning Nov. 13. The play is directed by Dorothy Schechter and produced by Pamela Sturges and Jean Reinhard.

Written during the German occupation of Paris In 1942- 43, the play is set on a note of hope “a little before noon in the spring of the next year.” An unscrupulous consortium of rich and powerful men, having discovered oil underneath the streets of Paris. propose to dig for it. disregarding completely the consequences to that beautiful city and its inhabitants. Ranged against them are the marvelously mad Countess Aurelia. her equally fantastic friends Constance, Gabrlelle and Josphine and the wonderfully raffish Parisiens who support them: the Ragpicker, the Doorman, the Sewerman, the Juggler and the Street Singer.

JACK SWEET of Concord researches his role as the Ragpicker in ‘The Madwoman of Chaillot.’ Tickets for the satirical comedy go on sale Nov. 2 at Richardson’s Drug Store.

Concord residents in the cast include Joan Wood playing one of the Countess’ friends. Jack Sweet playing the Ragpicker, Freelon Morris, Lida Bander, Bob Peters, Peter Davis, Mike Gowing, Michael Lydon, Bob Carter, Susan Brinkhuis and a man known professionally as the Rogue, playing the Juggler. Diane Hocker of Calisle will appear as the Flower Girl.

Schecter finds “The Madwoman” to be a universally relevant play. a 20th century classic with a serious message underlying the fantasy and satire. She sees it as as an eminently theatrical play whose visual elements — the costumes, the scenery, the lights — combine to create a sense of pure fun. The mad countess — if she is mad — represents the power of the individual to do good. What is madness? What Is truth? These are powerful questions, no less powerful for being left unanswered.