From The Concord Journal,


Concord, MA….The creaky old boards of 51 Walden’s stage were so tired at the age of 80, they needed to be replaced this year, but Heddie Kent, at 90 is as robust and hearty as she was in 1936 when she joined the Concord Players.   The Players will honor Kent’s vitality, ingenuity, fathomless creativity and enduring commitment to her community this Sunday, October 15th, with a merry gathering in the theater at 51 Walden at 7pm.  It’s the Concord Payers’ Fall Huddle, and this year, it will be dedicated entirely to the celebration of Heddie’s 90 vigorous years on earth, and her 70 years as the pulse and spirit of the organization.

“Heddie is a phenomenon in her own right,” said Ellie Hutchins, Vice President of the Players board, and a long-time friend.  “She wields her staple gun like a six-shooter, can turn a greasy old flat into a palace, and knows exactly who to call when the Players need to borrow treasures for props and sets.  Her real gift to us though, is her sense of infinite possibility. She gives us magic, and theater simply doesn’t exist without it.”

Heddie’s long-standing wish to appear in a Concord Players’ production of Little Women was finally  realized in 1952 when she played Hannah. “Not very well, I think,” is her modest summation.  But she has been the force and inspiration for more than 70 productions with her energy and backstage talent over the years.   Sally Bull, a lifelong friend of Heddie’s and core member of the Players’ organization describes Heddie’s impact on the people around her very simply.  “Heddie is my hero,” says Bull.
Musicals, she says, are her favorite challenge.  The choreography of 16 quick set changes, some to be accomplished by only 5 or 6 people in a few seconds in the dark are the most invigorating for her.  As for props, well that’s the real fun. "I don't remember how many shows I've worked on,” says Heddie, “or how many sets I've helped to dress. I couldn't count the number of props I've collected and kept track of - although I do know that the trickiest one was a live horse!”

As if being the lifeblood of a community theater wasn’t enough, Heddie also served for many years as the children’s librarian in Lincoln, and has been honored with the Ruth McIntire Award for Community Theater Service Festivities begin at 7pm on Sunday, October 15, at 51 Walden Street in Concord, and all are welcome in the revelry.  We’ll meet the directors of all three Concord Players’ shows for this season and get a brief preview of the upcoming production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons.  Wine, cheese, music - and, of course,  many theatrical surprises (no live horses this time!) -  are all on the menu to ensure a celebration worthy of Heddie Kent’s remarkable life, and the friendship she has given to us all.  

In lieu of birthday gifts, contributions may be made by check to the Save Our Stage renovation fund that evening, or mailed to The Concord Players, 51 Walden Renovations, Box 22, Concord MA 01742 – tell them Heddie sent you!