Karen Burum

Follies marks Karen’s fourth production with the the Concord Players. Previous shows include Kiss Me Kate (DASH nomination, Hair Design) in 2015, The Desk Set (DASH award, Hair Design) in 2015, and The Scarlet Pimpernel (Makeup and Wigs) in 2010. Other productions include The Music Man (Makeup and Hair) in 2010 for the Carlisle Savoyards, and F.O.P.A.C.’s 2010 production of Die Fledermaus (Asst. Hair and Makeup).

Karen has worked as a makeup artist in the cosmetics industry, and is a former licensed cosmetologist.  Her background is in Fine Arts (University of Wisconsin). Kudos to this multi-talented cast, and to the dedicated production team. Special thanks and appreciation to our director Donnie, whose enthusiasm and supportive leadership have made working on this play a joy.

Concord Player Productions
2015 Follies Makeup design
2015 Kiss Me Kate Co-lead Hair Design
2014 The Desk Set Hair
2011 The Scarlet Pimpernel Makeup & wigs