Hello, Dolly

Ron Guarnieri


I was in Hello Dolly in 1984 and played Ambrose Kemper. Imagine my surprise tonight, when my neice typed in my name on a search page and your web site popped up with a picture of me and information about Hello Dolly. What a surprise and an honor.

I thought I would drop a short note to say thank you for remembering me in the history of the Concord Players. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am a Production Stage Manager for touring Broadway Musicals. I just finished touring with MY FAIR LADY and I am currently in rehearsal for the National Tour of FOSSE which goes on tour in September 2002. I have been fortunate enough to work for celebrities like Robert Goulet, Sally Struthers, Nell Carter, Charles Durning and Ray Romano. It's been a dream I never thought would be available to me as a kid growing up in Acton Massachusetts

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I am making my living now doing something I truely love. Doing shows like HELLO DOLLY only made me want to do this professionally even more. I learned so many things working at wonderful theatres like the Concord Players and Theatre III in Acton. I know that organizations like yours will continue to encourage young people to explore a living in the arts, though it is not an easy one.



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