The Concord Players present


Quicktime slide shows

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directed by
Douglas Cooper

produced by
Cheri Fletcher, Mario Salinas, Emily Lovering

Nov 3,4,10,11,12 (mat), 17, 18

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Cast & Crew

ALL MY SONS tells the story of Joe Keller, a successful, self-made man, who committed a terrible and tragic act. He allows his business partner to take the rap, serving prison time for his crime, and successfully contrives his own innocence. Now, his son is about to marry his ex-partner's daughter, the criminal act is revisited, and his lie is unraveled. Joe has spent his entire life in the single-minded pursuit of wealth for the sake of his family, an American Dream gone nightmarishly awry. This is a story about responsibility. Arthur Miller, who wrote this powerful and moving work in 1947, had more than just that on his mind. It’s a powerful play about all the compromises one is forced to make to live in a dishonest world and about a country's irrevocable loss of innocence at the hands of war.

Joe Keller
Kate Keller
Chris Keller

Dr Jim Bayliss
Sue Bayliss

Brian Pollock
Lydia Lubey
Frank Luby
George Deever
Ann Deever


Doug Cooper Director
Cheri Fletcher producer
Mario Salinas producer


Josh Poitier stage mgr
Rick Shamel Light designer
Doug Cooper set designer
Carol Antos costumes
Charlie Atherton makeup
Paul Gil sound design
David Atwood set building
Charolette Kelly set dressing
& props