auditions dates will be

Sat afternoon Nov 3          1:00-4:30
Sunday evening Nov 4       7:00-9:30
call backs on Thurs Nov 8   7:00-9:30




The readings will be from the script; no prepared material is required.
Perusal copies are at both Concord Public Libraries.

Cast of Characters

Henry II, King of England
            Having just turned fifty, Henry is a man with the full vigor of his all faculties.  He has one great task left in his life, to assure that his kingdom endures in the hands of one son and that Eleanor and his other sons keep their hands off that kingdom.  Accomplishing this task will require all of his considerable skills.  His political actions are complicated by the love he feels for Alais and for his family members.  He will suffer greatly and rise unbowed. 
Alais, a French Princess
            In her early twenties, she is a beautiful, smart woman who is deeply in love with Henry.  She is a pawn in the politics of the moment.  She was raised by Eleanor and has conflicting feelings about her.  She has no affection for any of Henry’s sons and resents her brother King Philip’s lack of support of her.  She has some mettle to her, but she knows her limitations.  She might have a slight French accent. 

John, the youngest son
            Still in his teens, John is sweet and uncomplicated.  He trusts in his father’s unconditional love of him, but he can be easily manipulated by others.  He is not as clever, ruthless, or brainy as the rest of his family.  He disappoints Henry.

Geoffrey, the middle son
            Often overlooked by both his parents and his brothers, Geoffrey is a very angry man who uses his considerable intelligence to manipulate others and position himself to best advantage.  He tries to inspire betrayal and ruthlessness in others.  He would like to be loved; he is not and he knows it.  Geoffrey has the makings of a diplomat or a chancellor; he just doesn’t have the makings of a human being.

Richard Lionheart, the oldest son
                 At twenty-six, he looks like the legend he is.  He is comfortable on the battle field and in the corridors of power.  He is beloved by his mother and respected by his father.  He wants the throne; Henry does not want him to have it.  Richard is a force to be reckoned with.  Below the surface, this young man is looking for love.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry’s wife
            The most powerful and intelligent woman of the age, Eleanor is a master political tactician who finds herself conflicted by enormous feelings of love for Henry.  She will use anything to get her way.  She will continue to be a force to reckon with.  Her battles with Henry are more than witty repartee; she is fighting for love and freedom, both of which Henry can give her.  She is slightly older than Henry, but it does not show. 

Philip, King of France
            A new king, he possesses intelligence, charm, and good looks.  He also knows how to read others and can underplay his hand to his own advantage.  He is in his twenties.  He will earn the respect of Henry and show himself to be a worthy adversary.



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