Summer 2013

The Tempest

The Tempest


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Importance of Being Earnest

Featuring, in order of appearance:

Bill Hoermann   as the Boatswain
Arthur Barlas   as Alonso
Ed Bernard   as Gonzalo
Nicholas Meunier   as Prospero
Jacqueline O’Kelly   as Miranda
Jay Newlon    as Ariel
Miranda Cashman   as Caliban
Jon Plesser   as Ferdinand
Luisa Badaracco   as Antonio
Natalia Musatova   as Sebastian
Andrew Harrington    as Trinculo
Jon Linden   as Stephano
as the Naiad dancers, 
from the School of Ballet Arts, 
directed by
Carrie Schantz Voiland:
  Emma Bokhour
Madeline Franck
Mariana Li Golden
Brenna Sherrer

Directed by Robert Runck
Assistant Director, Kate Clarke
Stage Manager: Tom Sikina
Sound Design: Paul Gill
Costumes, Shahn Knights
Props, Charlotte Kelly, Anne Bantly, Pat Kane