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Welcome to a community of people with an interest - even a passion - for theater! We are always eager to bring new members into the fold. New people keep our community, and community theater, alive! And the Concord Players are among the liveliest around .. and have been around for more than three-quarters of a century. (Did you know we mounted the first-ever production of "Little Women" for the friends of louisa May Alcott?)

The Players are a part of Friends of the Performing Arts in Concord (FOPAC) at 51 Walden Street, our renovation of the historic Veterans' Hall, boasting the only full flyspace stage in the area. FOPAC includes the Concord Band, the Concord Orchestra and a dance studio, as well as the Players.

Since 1919, we have produced award-winning plays and musicals in this remarkable theater seating 350 people. Now at 51 Walden, we have state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment and an extensive costume collection. The Players are fortunate in having highly experienced, as well as talented, members to work with new members in all aspects of the theater.

We hope you will join the many active members from all over eastern Massachusetts ... and become part of the Magic of live Theater in Concord.


ACTING: Our auditions are open and we are alwavs seeking new talent. Anyone can perform, simply by earning a role at our auditions. If you are experienced, come to our tryouts. If vou are not, come anyway - you may have a new career!

DIRECTING: The director has the special assignment of communicating his/her vision of the play to the audience. If you are interested or want to learn more about this vital job, you can "shadow" one of our directors ... or learn the requisite stagecraft as part of our casts and crews.

PRODUCING: Each play has two producers who oversee the mechanics of getting the show on the boards. Those who like to manage projects will find challenge and excitement in selecting and motivating your volunteer crews ... to get the work done and have fun in the process! Many of our members have produced and can offer help to a newcomer.

PUBLICITY: No show is successful without an audience, and publicity is our best means of filling the seats. Spreading the word about the play, and the Players, to newspapers, radio and TV stations - as well as developing direct mail and posters - can be an enjoyable way for writers and artists to practice their crafts.

SET DESIGN: If you have an eye for design and like to create plans or models you can transform the bare stage into a compelling setting. Our unusually deep stage, high scrim and ample wings allow anyone with a creative eye to surround the actors with reality or fantasy.

SET CONSTRUCTION/PAINTING: After the designer has created plans for a set, a crew constructs it on stage and in our spacious shop. Painting completes the basic set by imitating such things as wallpaper, fancy molding, etc. If you like to build things, you can join the construction team ... and take pride in the first applause of the evening.

SET DRESSING / PROPERTIES: Once the bare stage has a set, it needs to be completed with furniture and fixtures. In other words, it needs to be "dressed" to fulfill the author's vision. And actors need props to carry out their roles. If you like to find odd things, this could be just the job for you.

LIGHTS: Our lighting specialists design, install, and run lights. We have more than 75 lighting instruments controlled by a state-of-the-art computer program, developed by one of our members, customized for each show. Anyone with a knack for lighting or electrical equipment can contribute.

SOUND: Most plays depend on sound to enhance the mood ... thunder, rain, musical backgrounds, etc. In addition, sound amplification is often used to enhance intelligibility for the audience. We have a sixteen channel mixer, a rack of sound processing equipment, multiple microphones and speakers, and an extensive collection of sound effects on CDs.. and a network of intercoms to maintain communications during performances. Yet you can learn the sound system more easily than you'd think.

COSTUMES: The Players have a vast inventory of costumes. (a virtual Filene's West of Then & Now.) So if you enjoy costuming, you'll find vour forte here ... whether you want to design, rummage about for salvage, or simply sew on a button.

MAKE-UP: Create illusions of age or youth, happiness or despair or devilment, through make-up. We've a full palette of cosmetics and a wonderment of wigs. And we have talented make-up artists to train you ... even a video library as a resource.

STAGE MANAGEMENT & CREW: Once the play is set and cast, and rehearsals get underway, the folks in black make sure that it runs the way the creative and construction folks envisioned it. The Stage Staff takes over the actual running of the show. Fortunately, there are a lot of Crew spots for newcomers to learn one of the most challenging jobs in the theater.

FRONT OF HOUSE: After dress rehearsal, another staff is needed ... for everything that needs to happen in front of the proscenium: Audience Management, Ticketing, Ushering & Refreshments (by successive groups for each performance). So it's a great way to become part of the action, and learn the theater, with minimum time commitments. We hope we've given you some idea of the many tasks and opportunities involved in producing our shows. You can contributeyour talents, or develop them, and know "There's no business like show business!" We'd like you tojoin our community of friends at 51 Walden .

MEMBERSHIP: Become a member of our community and support the work of our actors and staff.