Weezie Petrie

Weezie’s introduction to Concord Players was as a "theatre mom" when her son, Sam, was cast as a duckling in Honk! A few years later her youngest son, Miles, was cast as Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird. Her oldest son, Jess, worked backstage in 1776. In so many ways it has been a terrific familial relationship.

Kirsten Gould first enlisted Weezie as makeup chief for her productions at The Fenn School during which Weezie worked with Kirsten for over 11 years! In addition Weezie has been involved either as makeup chief or assistant at Concord Youth Theatre, Concord Players, and the Savoyard Light Opera Company. As always it is a great honor for her to work with Kirsten Gould and great fun to be involved with the fabulous Concord Players!

Concord Player Productions
2016 Amadeus Hair Design