Diva Graphic

Pat Kane

Carol Antos

Kathy Booth

Tracy Wall

The Divas bring over a century of combined expertise to the Concord Players Costume Design Team (Pat Kane 50 years, Carol Antos 45 years, Kathy Booth 25 years and Tracy Wall 15 years). We are truly a COMMUNITY theater design partnership. In an unusual set of circumstances, a single member of the team couldn't commit to lead, so for this show you get ALL of us. Each one of us brings something special to the table - whether it's a grand vision, an eye for color, masterful sewing skills, hunting and gathering or marshaling the troops. Our combined strengths, respect for each other, enthusiasm and willingness to see the big picture ensures a wonderful result for the entire company. Even with this powerhouse team, we can't do it by ourselves – there is a whole crew of folks who come and spend countless hours sewing, stitching on buttons and taking up hems - we are truly grateful for these gifts of friendship and camaraderie. We are so fortunate to have found colleagues who are as wonderfully crazy as we are!

Concord Player Productions
2015 Kiss Me Kate Costume Divas