Eric Hanselman

(Lawrence) Eric is thrilled to be back on the Players stage, having last appeared in She Loves Me. Some of his favorite roles include Old MacDonald in The Pied Piper (what is this thing with German accents?), at Open Door Theater and Harold in The Full Monty and Sid in The Pajama Game at Theatre III.

Hes also been having fun turning up with a great gang from time to time at The Java Room in Chelmsford, as well as the odd barn or two. Hes indebted to the wonderful crew and cast for making this show what it is, including his lovely art collection, and hopes that hes giving them what they want. Hed like to thank Rene Pfister for his tutelage, his professional audience member for her endless support, to pass on the Royal Ring to his offspring, and promises the aging hound more walkies, now that this rehearsal business has calmed down.

Concord Player Productions
2011 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Lawrence