Remember... Coonskin caps, Hula Hoops and Pop-It necklaces? "Cat" "dig" and "hip"? Bomb shelters in the backyard? Sock hops at the gym? Burma Shave wisdom on the highways?

Liz, Eddie and Debbie? Donna, Margaret and Harriett? Fabian, Frankie Avalon and Bobby Darin? Kookie, Clarabelle and Hoss? Silver, Trigger and Nellybelle?

On TV (black and white) we were all watching I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, Howdy Doody and our parents were watching Huntley and Brinkley.

In the midst of all this, the Concord Players presented the soon to become classic play about a man and his rabbit. Below are the cast, crew and set photos take of the production.



The Cast of "Harvey" 1951
Harvey : Act I
Harvey Act II