Auntie Mame

Vera (Patricia Butcher) and Mame (Pati Worthington) relive their days together in the chorus line
Auntie Mame finds an Upson daiquiri a little too sweet for her taste. To her left is Doris Upson (Vinnie MacLeod) and to her right is Claude Upson (Ray van Vorse)

Bryan O'Banyon (Jack Sweet - center) recites some verse while Mame
reminisces for the sake of her memoirs, transcribed by Gooch (Cory Atkins - left)
Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside (David Reed) focuses his camera as Mame fights the heat in Egypt
Mame's switchboard was complete
with lights, buzzers, and bells
Gloria Upson (Sharon Sosny) tells what happened during the ping pong tournament at Mam's party celebrating her engagement to her nephew.
Mother Burnside (Betsy Connelly) watches Mame display her equestrian ability while Dr. Shurr (Cam Leger), a vet, object to the choice of her mount. At the left, Emory MacDougal (Billy Ireland) and young Patrick Dennis (Brian Harvey) look on
Cocktail party at Beekman Place. Flaming drinks were spectacular!
Burnside family gathers at "Peckerwood"
Chris Frick, Brian Harvey, Pati Worthington
Beekman Place set
Period costume on Vera, period dictophone and typwriter are typical of details in production
Florence Reed, Sharon Sosny, Sally Walker
Brian Harvey, Norma O'Brien
Pati Worthington
Norma Elfern O'Brien
Betsy Connelly
Sally Walker
Auntie Mame
Sally Cato
Mother Burnside
Robin Werthington

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