Callbacks on Sunday 12 noon

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Thanks to all who auditioned. There is obviously a lot of talent out there making choices difficult for the directors.

Callbacks will be on Sunday at noon SHARP. We have a limited window with the space, and so we’ll be there from 12 to 3. Some people may be able to leave early.

All three directors have a few requests for you to consider before attending the Sunday session:

  1. If you are being considered for a leading role, please review the music to the specific song listed. You will be asked to sing that number.

  2. If you don’t want to be considered for one of the specific roles for which you are listed, please tell us so that we can accurately cast the show. It will make the afternoon go more efficiently.

  3. You may be listed under multiple callback roles. Please check that out.

  4. You might consider going to these links to check out the video of the original Broadway version of the show in its entirety. It will help with reading the sides…especially for the Muriel part.

    1. Act 1

    2. Act 2

If you have any concerns or questions, email us at

Callback List

Lawrence – Tom Frates and Eric Hanselman

  1. Review the song “Ruffhousin’ mit Shuffhausen”
  2. Practice the cultured accent as well as the German accent

Freddy – Jake O’Hara, Ethan Butler & Kevin Cirone

  1. Review the song “Great Big Stuff”
  2. None of you are “big”, “crude” or “crass” enough yet. Practice.

Christine/Jolene – Kelly Flanagan, Kat Aberle, Shonna McEachern, Rachel Savage

  1. We want you all to try for both roles.
  2. Jolene – Big southern accent. Bigger than life
  3. Christine – Innocent. Real, Honest in tone
  4. Review “Oklahoma” and “Here I Am”

Andre – Craig Howard

  1. Review “Like Zis, Like Zat”

Muriel – Paula McNabb, Susan Austin & Shonna McEachern

  1. PLEASE review the video of the subtleties of the part. The jokes are deadpan deliveries.
  2. Review “What Was a Woman to do”

Singers – We’ll teach you pieces of what we’d like to hear.

  • Kelly Flanagan

  • Katie Alexander

  • Connie Benn

  • Dennis Roach

  • Ken Nygren

  • Rachel Bruce

  • Laura Chandler

  • Emily Earle

  • Lara Simpson

  • Dan Romard

  • Sarah Schlagel


    • Shonna McEachern

    • Maryellen Skulski

    • Jay Newton

    • Kathleen Wendt

    • Sarah Nahrmann

    • Rachel Savage

    • Katrina Rotondi

    • Dan Romand

    • Chris Karalekas

    • Ethan Burke

    • Eric Hanselman

    • Kevin Cirone

    • Katie Alexander

    • Anna Poplawski

    • Rachel Bruce

    • Emily Earle

    • Sarah Schlegel

    • Jake O’Hara

    • Kelly Flanagan