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Performance Pictures

Lidian (Pat Butcher), Waldo (Derek Till) with Henry (Terry Beasor)
"Henry put gloves on the chicken, Mother"


Staples (Bob Peters) come to take Henry to jail
  Henry with Williams (Walter Mayfield)


Lidian and Henry
Henry and his mother (Vinnie McCloud)
John (George Faison) with Ellen (Jean Aldrich) on his arm


From a rowboat on Walden Pond, Henry points out a hawk to Ellen
Irving McDowell as Deacon Ball
Henry calling on Ellen


Henry and his brother John (George Faison) vie for Ellen's attention
  Henry and Bailey (Bill McDonald) conversing while in jail


Terry Beasor rehearsing with Bob Peters
Thoreau cradles the fallen drummer
boy, portrayed by Scott Connelly, 8,
who also plays young Edward Emerson
Jerome Lawrence gives pointers to Terry Beasor and Jean Aldrich