The Concord Players Present

Off The Hook by Rickman & Tiedemann
directed by
Joseph Zamparelli, Jr.

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81st season, 2000
November 10, 11, 17,18, 19, 24, 25


Off the Hook is about a nitwit British ambassador, Evelyn Carstairs, who is faced with solving a dispute between his country and a small Caribbean country. He is also trying to avoid a gangster, Phillie the Exterminator, who thinks the ambassador is having an affair with his girl friend. Since Evelyn drove the girlfriend, Angie, home in the cook's car, the gangster thinks that the cook, Chester, is the one they are after. When they show up at the embassy, Chester assumes Evelyn's identity while Evelyn claims to be a janitor. During the course of the evening, Evelyn changes identities more times than the San Marcos delegate, Colonel de Novarro, gets knocked out. Phil and his sidekick, Frankie, a Sicilian whose only English comes from the movie "Casablanca," mistakes almost everyone for everyone else. People are given sleeping pills in their drinks and bodies are being dragged outdoors only to reappear at the most inopportune time. The Colonel is constantly losing his suit, along with this mind; Angie gets found in seemingly compromising positions - In various states of undress- the gangster has a secret revealed; and everything ends up for the best.

Subtle this play is not. Funny it most certainly IS.

This is a new work. See it here prior to the New York production! (It's possible)