Ado Annie's Lament

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Ado Annie (Lisa Stanton) is the gal who Cain't say "no." And here's how she gets into trouble with Will Parker (Jim McAleer) and a gypsy peddler named Ali Hakim (Jim Curley).


You ain't perty enough to be a skunk
Do you worship the ground she walks on like I do?
One Dollar!
"I hear you got yourself engaged to Ado Annie"

"Just tell me one thing..Do you love her?"

"How much for everything else in the bag?" "One dollar!"


One goodbyeee... never enough!
Woops, caught in the act
"an old song in our country says, 'One Goodbyeeee..."
"... is never enough!"
"I'm glad you married such a wonderful man as this Will Parker..."


Will, I want to say goodbye  
Persian Goodbye
Who was that masked man?
"Will, I want to say goodbye to you too!"  
"I show you how we say goodbye in Persia!"
"Yer not going to think of that peddlerman no more, are ya?"


An Oklahoma Hello!
"Persian goodbye? That ain't nothing compared to an Oklahoma Hello!"