David Fielding Smith


David Smith has lived in the Concord Area all his life. He graduated from Lawrence Academy in 1965 and went on to study English literature and drama at Tufts University and Tufts-in-London.

His first play, A Flurry of Birds, won the Town of Concord Bicentennial Award in 1974 and went on to win the Moss hart Award from the New England Theatre Conference in 1975. Smith also wrote the adaptation of Little Women performed by the Players in 1982. He is Associate Director of Admissions for his alma mater, Lawrence Academy, and has written several scripts for stage, television and film. The Players feel especially fortunate to have had someone as patient and capable as David to develop the 1992 version of Little Women.


The Concord Players are pleased to dedicate the 1992 production and this program to Heddie Kent. Heddie's history with the Players goes back to 1932 and beyond. No one else can tell us as much about all the earlier Little Women productions because she was there--just as she has been here with us on this one, working away as usual behind the scenes, keeping our spirits high with her Joie de vivre.

Little Women through Heddie's eyes

About the 1992 Production

To prepare a new stage adaptation of Little Women for the current production, Smith began work nearly three years ago in association with members of the Players and the Orchard House. Capturing Alcott's large novel in a single evening's entertainment has required a number of difficult decisions. Smith developed the script through several drafts which were read in workshops, and he has continued to work with the director and cast to refine the script in rehearsal. Every effort has been made to shape a drama which remeins true to the spirit of Concord's beloved novel, while providing an entertainment that Alcott lovers, yough and old, can enjoy together.

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