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Our March 2021 Virtual Showcase:

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Friday, March 19 @7PM - Sunday, March 21 @11PM

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DMV Tyrant
by Christopher Durang

directed by Kathy Lague

A woman goes into the DMV with her friend to try and resolve a mistake on her drivers’ license. The clerk is less than helpful. A situation most people can identify with.


DMV Lady -- Laurie Penney
Janis -- Maren Caulfield
Twyla -- Jennifer Bubriski


Words, Words, Words
by David Ives

directed by Kathy Lague

The play concerns three monkeys: Kafka, Swift and Milton. They have been locked in a room with typewriters and are being observed to see if they will eventually come up with Hamlet. The monkeys discuss this project amongst themselves and ponder the greater implications of this experiment.


Swift -– Paul Warner
Milton -- Iain Bason
Kafka -- Catherine Haverkampf

Sure Thing
by David Ives

directed by J. Mark Baumhardt

A chance meeting between Betty and Bill progresses with a unique twist when a negative response results in a scene reset. In this quirky short play, language itself determines the direction of Betty and Bill’s relationship.


Bill –- Judson Pierce
Betsy –- Allison Rudmann Putnam

DMV Tyrant / Words, Words, Words / Sure Thing
are presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York

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Paul Warner
Iain Bason
Catherine Haverkampf
Catherine Haverkampf
Laurie Penney
Laurie Penney
DMV Lady
Maren Caulfield
Maren Caulfield
Jennifer Bubriski
Jennifer Bubriski
Judson Pierce
Judson Pierce
Catherine Haverkampf
Allison Rudmann Putnam


Production Team
Michael McGarty
Kathy Lague

J. Mark Baumhardt

Stage Manager
Nadine Sa

Video Director
David Atwood

Tom Sullivan

Charlie Atherton

Pat Kane

Camera Operators:
Mark Pauley
Philip Lupsiewicz
Isabelle Germino

Sound Design
Tom Powers

Lighting Design
Susan Tucker

Set / Props
Allen Bantly

Set / Props
Anne Bantly

Mike Lague

Andrea Roessler

Connie Benn

Nick Miller
Special thanks to the Minuteman Media Network
for their continued support of the Concord Players community outreach.