Opening Fest

Rehearsal 1
Rehearsal 2



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Dorothy Schecter with Bill Smith
Cathy Mann Fran Huxley & Chris Davies
Fran Huxley, Cathy Mann, and all the way from Oregon for this evening... Chris Shields
Sue Minor provides musical entertainment
Fred Sheldon & Vinnie MacLeod
David Fielding Smith & his wife, Betsy
Lillian Anderson
Jan Turnquist snuggling with the director's husband, Harry
John and Joan Vanderpoel
Heddie Kent with Peter & Mary Hugens
Heddie with ribbons for EVERY production!
David & Betsy Smith, Dorothy Schecter, Kate Clarke, & Michael Henchman
Mary Clarke enjoying Sue's piano
Belle McDonald
Chris Davies, MC
Eric Parkman Smith
Jan Turnquist receiving the Louisa May Allcott letter from Joan Buell
"The Smith Family"

Lillian, Jan, Samantha Smith, and Dorothy

of the 2002 production

Heddie Kent,
Vinnie MacLeod, Bill Smith, Heddie, and Chris
David Fielding Smith with Michael Henchman and Beth Newbold Winkler
The Cake
Betsy Smith and Susan Ellsworth, college roommates!
The 2 Marmees
The Streffs
The End