the Madwoman of Chaillot


November 1987


Directed by
Produced by
Jean Reinhard
Pamela Sturgis

Note from the director:

THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT is an optimistic play. Paradoxically, it was conceived at a desperate time in Giraudoux's life -- the German occupation of France. Its premise is that the "little people" can make a difference and that the pure in heart will inherit the earth -- if only for a moment in time. Thought Giraudoux's world was devastated by the malignancy of World War II, he did not give up hope that sanity -- or at least a benign madness -- would ultimately prevail. Our production invites you to share this hope, as it shines through the play's colorful facade of fantasy and satire.


The Cast
The Waiter
The Little Man
The Prospector
The President
The Baron
The Street Singer
The Flower Girl
The Ragpicker
The Deaf Mute  
The Shoelace Peddler
The Broker
The Rogue
The Juggler  
Dr. Jadin
Countess Aurelia, The Madwoman of Chaillot
The Doorman  
The Policeman  
The Sergeant
The Sewerman  
Mme. Constance, The Madwoman of Passy
Mme. Gabrielle, The Madwoman of St. Sulpice
Mme. Josephine, The Madwoman of La Concorde


The Crew
Set Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Special Construction Drawings
Stage Manager
Set Dressing